Viva con Agua Bottled Kino

Viva con Agua is a local brand of bottled water and is fairly known as such. What not many people know is that it is actually a NGO that provides water to people in need all over the globe - selling bottled water is just one of their several funding sources.

Being neighbors of VcA in Hamburg, Christiano Rocco and Fernando Silvestrin created the VcA Flaschenkino, or “Bottled Cinema”. And app and ambient idea that reveals what really is inside Viva con Agua: art, music, culture, charity, youth and much more.

The project is currently used as VcA visit card in events all over the globe. It got attention of the local media, art galleries and public figures such as the Mayor of Hamburg, Mr. Olaf Scholz, and the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller.

What is it?

Flaschenkino means Bottled Cinema in german. And that’s exactly what it is. It is a platform that uses the Viva Con Agua bottle and a mobile phone to display tailor-made content. It was born from a simple problem: people who buy the Viva con Agua bottled water think they are just a water brand from Sankt Pauli, having little idea about everything else that was inside Viva con Agua.

How does it work?

Download and open the Flaschenkino App. Select the video you want to watch. Position the smartphone over a table and the Viva con Agua bottle on top of it. Look through the bottle hole and enjoy. To enhance the experience, we recommend to watch the video in a dark room and the usage of headphones. Just watch the little animation below and you will see how easy it is.

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The Booth

The booth is the itinerant Flaschenkino. It goes wherever it is needed. It is a little black room featuring a pillar with built-in smartphones and earbuds. It was our “Flaschenkino beta”. After the good reception and invitations to different events, we've decided to keep it. We have many ideas of how to improve our booth and make the experience even better. Our goal is to have 5 booths across Germany as info points for Viva con Agua, so people can understand and support their projects. We will also be on festivals, events, exhibitions and anywhere else we can spread our Flaschenkino message and help Viva con Agua.

Mayor Olaf Scholz and Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dr. Gerd Müller visit the Flaschenkino.

The Community

All the content and realisation is made by our community made of creatives, supporters, donors and investor. Without them, the Flaschenkino project would not exist. Some supported the project since it was just a drawing on a paper. Some of them joined us later. But all of them are family to us. Want to join? Contact us.