Duracell Achievements
Duracell wanted to celebrate human’s greatest achievements, starting with Bertha Benz. A local and global hero that, in 1888, against all odds, drove the first car prototype from Mannheim to Pforzheim.
Her 106km trip set a milestone for women, for the auto industry and the the whole society.

In the process of recreating her feat with a remote control car, we too broke a world record: Greatest distance by a battery powered radio-controlled model car on a single charge – Guinness World Records.

Bertha Benz’s granddaughter, Jutta Benz, it the only person alive directly connected to the historical event – her mother was a passenger in the Benz Patent-Motorwagen N.3 during the epic trip. Although she is extremely reclusive, she accepted to talk to us, and we all had the opportunity to listen to her and dive into living history.

That is a moment I’ll remember forever.