Duracell Achievements
Duracell wanted to celebrate human’s greatest achievements, starting with Bertha Benz. A local and global hero that, in 1888, against all odds, drove the first car prototype from Mannheim to Pforzheim.
Her 106km trip set a milestone for women, for the auto industry and the the whole society.

In the process of recreating her feat with a remote control car, we too broke a world record: Greatest distance by a battery powered radio-controlled model car on a single charge – Guinness World Records.

Bertha Benz’s granddaughter, Jutta Benz, it the only person alive directly connected to the historical event – her mother was a passenger in the Benz Patent-Motorwagen N.3 during the epic trip. Although she is extremely reclusive, she accepted to talk to us, and we all had the opportunity to dive into living history.

I will remember this moment forever.